CSC 440 Database Management Systems


List of Homeworks

About Gradiance

The URL for the Gradiance online testing center for the homeworks; Gradiance help file; sign-up link - you will need to pay for the sign-up if your textbook is not the right ISBN number (the right number is 0132282119) and thus does not include a Gradiance access token. When signing up for Gradiance, could you use your NCSU unity ID as your Gradiance login name.

A clarification on Gradiance grading:

In Gradiance homeworks, your grade is that for your best-grade submission for each homework. The number of attempts is unlimited, but you do have to wait at least 15 minutes between successive attempts.

Class Token

Here is the token: 5BA057C5. This allows you add yourself to the class in Gradiance once you’ve registered using your Gradiance access code.

Important Note

When assigning the overall grade for the course, the course staff will not be able to take into account your Gradiance homework scores if you have not been able to provide a mapping from your Gradiance ID to your real name.

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