CSC 440 Database Management Systems

Course Project

Project schedule (tentative):

  • Project teams (please use the message board to find three teammates): The deadline to submit team information is 11:59pm Thursday February 7 (please submit one plain-text file per team, with the names and unity IDs of all team members, via the submit board).
  • Project report 1: due (in class) before class on Tuesday February 19.
    Grade statistics: TBA.
  • Project report 2: due (in class) before class on Thursday March 20 Extended to Friday March 21.
    Grade statistics: TBA.
  • Project report 3: Please email a pdf version of your third project report to the instructor and the TA by 10am on Friday April 25, or bring the hardcopy part (only) of your report to room EBII-3258 between 9am and 10am on Friday April 25 (demo day). No report papers will be accepted by the course staff after 10am on Friday April 25. The code and peer evaluations are to be submitted using the submit boards.
    Grade statistics: TBA.
  • Demo day: Friday April 25 in room EBII-3258.
    Click here for more information on demo day.

Project teams.
Project assignment.
Project narrative.
Peer-evaluation form

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