CSC/ECE 774 Advanced Network Security

Term Paper

Students are expected to form teams to work on the term research paper. Each team is expected to have two students. However, students are allowed to work on the research papers individually. Each team needs to submit a proposal, an interim report, and a final technical report. All will be graded.

The proposal and the reports should be submitted through the submit board in WolfWare.

  • Each team is expected to work on an original research problem. The outcome should be a paper with original technical contribution. Your grade will be judged based on originality, soundness of the approach, and quality of presentation. 
  • Each team is expected to present the research results to the entire class close to the end of the semester.
  • Students are encouraged to combine this effort with their current research.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss their plan with the instructor during his office hours or by appointment.
  • Example Topic Areas:
    • Security in Virtual Compute Clouds
    • Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
    • Smart phone security
    • Power Grids Security
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Wireless Security
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Authentication
    • DNS Security
    • Digital Watermarking
    • New Attacks
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