Eighth International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS '06)

Poster Session

List of Posters

6:30-9:30 PM, December 5, 2006

An Evaluation of Decentralized Integrity Level Management
Wanyu Zang, Meng Yu, Barbara Reagor (Monmouth University)

SELS: Secure Email List Services
Rakesh Bobba, Meenal Pant, and Himanshu Khurana (National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois)

Fine-Grained Post-Mortem Analysis for Intrusion Detection in C Programs
Emre Can Sezer (North Carolina State University)

On the Performance of Secure and Resilient Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Cliff Wang (U.S. Army Research Office), An Liu, Peng Ning, Pai Peng (North Carolina State University)

An Effective Scheme for Detecting Stepping Stone Attacks in Real-world Networks
Jianqiang Xin, Linfeng Zhang, Julie Dickerson,  Thomas Daniels, Yong Guan (Iowa State University)

Keystroke Analysis of Passwords
Hongmei Chi (Florida State University)

Secure, Robust, and DoS-Resistant Code Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sangwon Hyun and Peng Ning (North Carolina State University)

Fine-Grained Runtime Data Section Attestation for Embedded Software
Chongkyung Kil and Peng Ning ( North Carolina State University)

A Dynamic En-route Scheme for Filtering False Data Injection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhen Yu (Iowa State University)

Detection of Polymorphic and Metamorphic Exploit Code
Qinghua Zhang (North Carolina State University)

Efficient Identification of Network Traffic
Young June Pyun / Young Hee Park (North Carolina State University)


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