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My Academic Lineage

Peng Ning, Ph.D. George Mason University 2001
Advisor: Sushil Jajodia, Ph.D. University of Oregon 1977 Personal Homepage Co-Advisor: X. Sean Wang, Ph.D. University of Southern California 1992 Personal Homepage
Advisor: Allan John Sieradski, Ph.D. University of Michigan 1967 Advisor: Seymour Ginsburg, Ph.D. University of Michigan 1952
Advisor: Chung Nim Lee, Ph.D. University of Virginia 1959
Advisor: Edwin E. Floyd, Ph.D. University of Virginia 1948 Advisor: Ben Dushnik, Ph.D. University of Michigan 1931  
Advisor: Gordon Thomas Whyburn, Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin 1927 ... biography
Advisor: R. L. Moore, Ph.D. The University of Chicago 1905 ... biography Advisor: Theophil Henry Hildebrandt, Ph.D. The University of Chicago 1910 
Advisor: Oswald Veblen, Ph.D. The University of Chicago 1903 ... biography
Advisor: E. H. Moore, Ph.D. Yale University 1885 ... biography
Advisor: H. A. Newton, B.S. Yale University 1850
Advisor: Michel Chasles, Ph.D. École Polytechnique 1814 ... biography
Advisor: Simon Denis Poisson ... biography
Advisor: Joseph Louis Lagrange ... biography 
Advisor: Leonhard Euler, Ph.D. Universität Basel 1726 ... biography
Advisor: Johann Bernoulli, 1694 ... biography
Advisor: Jacob Bernoulli ... biography

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